Bench User RunfileΒΆ

Beispiel einer run-Datei. Gut kommentiert, daher in ohne weiteren Text.

# everything defined in here, will be default for each section
# if not specified (and overruled) there. this is optional, but
# every item has to be given somewhere. cluster boils down to
# partition and therefore must be defined somewhere in
# cluster.spec.xml
cluster = pozzo
queue = all

# optionals. since every file will be created only once per job,
# there is no need to give that information per section.
mailto = ich@meine.mail.adresse
batchfilename = batch.qsub
errorfilename = batch.err

# every sections contains options for one benchmark run only.
# the section name has to be unique

# the benchmark must be found as a shortname in one xml file
# (benchmark directory), mandatory
benchmark = hpcc

# on active=0 this section will be ignored
active = 1

# what ressources to claim (optional, if in global)
nodes = 4
mem = 16GB
cluster = paris

# optional, defaults to coresPerNode in cluster.spec
#ppn = 2
# optional, defaults to 24h by scheduler
walltime = 1:30:00
# optional
#pmem = 400MB
# optional, defaults to nodes x ppn. in case of hpcc, this
# should be columns x rows and must not be lower
num_procs = 12

# by using a whole config file (=yes), the override parameter section
# will be discarded. this means essentially to copy the template
# (default directory or give filename in config_path below
use_own_config = no
config_path =

# if use_whole_config is set to no, parameters given in here
# are used. remember: there can only be overwritten, what is
# properly defined in the benchmark xml file
problem_size = 9876
column_process_mapping = 9

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